NOViA-Montessori is where you can find more in-depth experience.
Where you can connect with fellow-Montessorians.
A place that translates the past into the now.

We offer the NOViA-Montessori journeys. Easily accessible, for you, Montessori educators, students, teachers, managers, trainers.  For everyone who is curious to Maria Montessori, the journeys are destined to all levels of Montessori background.

Montessori traveler, let’s go on a trip and look at our travel guide.

Real-life journeys

Two instincts may be found in man, one being that of wandering, and the other its opposite, of attachment to a spot
   Maria Montessori, To educate the human potential

Real-life journeys offer you the – what’s in a name – real, face to face experience. A Montessori-bubble in which you immerse yourselves into the Montessori style. You explore the Montessori style or you enrich your Montessori knowledge.

Multiple dates throughout the year and face to face at an inspiring location in Amsterdam or the South of France. From ‘doing’ Montessori to ‘experiencing’ Montessori. Including lessons, literature and powerful conversations. A real life journey: to connect and enrich yourself. And the Montessori community. 

Online journeys

Online journeys are as accessible as a course gets: you can start exploring tomorrow. It’s your gate to Montessori educators all around the globe.

Practical, online courses to expand your knowledge. Start at any time and connect with others to share and learn together. Including content to read, listen and look at.

And a face to face coaching moment by ZOOM for yourself or online sharing with fellow-Montessori travelers.