We shall walk together on this path of life for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.  
   Maria Montessori, To educate the human potential

Montessori education has expanded widely, there are Montessori schools around the world. In every place, when you set foot inside a Montessori school the same elements can be identified; I’ll name: the calm, the attention, children who are working in various spots with different materials, the teacher who is somewhat out of sight, the attention for the environment. That typifies the Montessori school, every Montessori school, anywhere in the world. I am talking here about the universal character of the Montessori style.

With NOViA-Montessori we are going to strengthen that universal character. We learn, we experience, we explore, we investigate, we deepen. And we have a good time. NOViA-Montessori: to connect and enrich Montessori communities.

We hope to meet you soon.

Meet our Montessori guides, Montessori authors.

Jacqueline Hendriksen

To connect and enrich Montessori teachers from all over the world. That is Jacqueline Hendriksen’s motto. Jacqueline met Montessori when she entered a montessori classroom. The quietness, the concentration, the activity of the children, and the freedom was what hit her. How is this possible was her question? Since that moment the study of the Montessori style became her focus. She visits schools all over the world and is always amazed by the power of the Montessori teacher.

Lieza van Hees

I am Lieza van Hees, and I teach year 1/2. I like to take on new challenges and often see opportunities in little things. For example I regularly mix everything up in order to find a better method. I am also always looking for inspiration, and as a result the pockets of my coat are often full of beautiful things from nature.

Monique van de Wiel

Hi! My name is Monique van de Wiel, and I work as a teacher and Coordinator in Montessori education. Since 2015 I have worked with the upper classes, which is really where my passion lies. Developing a social identity is an important part of this stage of life.