To connect and enrich Montessori teachers from all over the world.
That is Jacqueline Hendriksen’s motto.
Jacqueline met Montessori when she entered a montessori classroom. The quietness, the concentration, the activity of the children, and the freedom was what hit her. How is this possible was her question? Since that moment the study of the Montessori style became her focus. She visits schools all over the world and is always amazed by the power of the Montessori teacher.

She is a master educationalist from the Netherlands and has become one with the Montessori anthropology: as a teacher, as a trainer, as a mother, as a grandmother and as a person. She has 30 years of experience working at Montessori schools and training centres and nowadays is the proud director of NOViA-Montessori.

Jacqueline strives to create a professional Montessori culture by providing training, lectures and courses. The aim of these courses, coaching and supervision? To stir. To get people thinking and doing the things that fit who they are. And that are suitable for the child and the organisation.

She has written three psychological books: The story of the child, The story of the misunderstood child and the popular book And now Montessori. This book is the key to the new Montessori style and is read by students and teachers all over the world.

Overall, Jacqueline combines the old words of Maria Montessori with the latest research insights. And she translates that to real life. We promise: everything you learn from her can be applied immediately in your group, school and life.

Jacqueline has a favourite quote:

We will give you the key; you have to open the door yourself.

(Adapted freely from Maria Montessori, 1937)