Wherever you are, wherever your ‘here’ is, let’s connect. Let’s share our Montessorian visions and grow together. Let’s translate Maria Montessori’s words into the now.

If you want to travel physically and meet fellow travellers, then book a real-life journey.

Let’s go on a trip and look at our travel guide:
If you are a student, a teacher or an interested Montessorian, then choose Montessori Explorer Journey. A week in Amsterdam filled with Montessori inspiration, both theoretical and practical, observations in working Montessori groups, excursions, and historical highlights.

If you are a bit more experienced and want to go in-depth starting from a place of peace, then choose the Montessori Méditerranée in the South of France. A week filled with universal Montessori words, which we consider from historical, philosophical, and cultural perspectives. Sometimes literally from your mat on the grass. Because aside from knowledge this week is also for encounters and relaxation.

Do you want to be immersed in the Montessori style in a short amount of time, do you want to learn the basics of the Montessori theory and combine this with a lot of subject knowledge? Are you prepared to put in long days and do a lot of private study? Then it is more convenient to choose the Montessori Journey on Location. We come to you.

The Explorer Journey
6-10 June 2022 – few places
27 June- 1 July
10 – 14 October 2022



Montessori Méditerranée
         29 August – 2 September 2022
24 – 28 October 2022


Travel news

Not only can imagination travel through infinite space, but also through infinite time.
Maria Montessori, To educate the human potential

Traveling is about gaining new experiences, collecting memories, and connecting with people and locations.  Our travel news gives touches your imagination. And invites you to travel with us.

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